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November 2 – 5, 2017


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Registration: Joann Rechtine or 585-905-8281

17.5 CEU’s for Dog Trainers Approved from CCPDT


These four days are packed with valuable, practical information, that will help dog trainers help their own dogs but also all the dogs they train to become more balanced and flexible both for their health and also their performance.


  • the relevance of assessing movement by studying photographs
  • what is required in good movement
  • how dogs use their body to provide power and strength
  • how dogs compensate if this power and strength is restricted
  • why is mobility compromised?
  • easy ways of assessing and measuring if movement and balance is restricted or inhibited
  • understanding the skeleton from a functional perspective
  • an overview of how muscles work
  • functional muscular anatomy
  • why correct muscle patterning is essential
  • looking at correct and incorrect loading patterns
  • stability requirements of the fore and hind limb and the relevance and importance of this
  • looking at the problems and reasons of muscle inhibition
  • global muscle domination and its relevance with loading issues



  • reviewing day one
  • understanding the fundamentals of Galen Myotherapy and its relevance of application to day one
  • what massage technique do and how they effect the body
  • learn the relevance and application of two techniques
  • practice the techniques on each other first – (this is absolutely critical learning for the student to know how it feels to be applied and when it is applied well and not well – this is often a break through moment when students begin to really understand the relevance of the techniques but also how simple issues can make such a devastating impact on a body’s mobility and therefore health)
  • contraindications to hands-on techniques
  • apply techniques on students dogs
  • how to impart the skills of these techniques to your students
  • looking, in more depth, at assessing a dog for chronic muscular pain.



  • reviewing day two and practicing any points that are not clear
  • postural assessment of dogs and its relevance to muscle pain
  • drawing on information learnt in day one and two to problem solve postural issues in dogs
  • looking at how everyday actions can effect dogs mobility and why?
  • discussing and problem solving how we can improve dogs stability
  • the importance of the neck for movement
  • the importance of the neck for health
  • discussion on puppy exercise and how this is fundamentally critical for the rest of the dogs mobile life!
  • exercise physiology, what is it?
  • looking at the type of natural exercises taught by Galen and why these natural exercises are so effective to achieve fitness and balance
  • the rules for these exercises
  • overview of fascia and its importance when looking at exercise



  • reviewing previous learning to ensure a clear understanding
  • reviewing previous photos to compare visual assessments on day one and how now the students view the same but with different ‘eyes’!
  • practicing with own and case study dogs these exercises
  • problem solving which exercise could be best for each dog
  • assessing why and discussing
  • asking the dog to perform the exercise
  • learning at least 4 different exercises
  • why each exercise is totally specific for each dog and NOT THE DOGS CONDITION
  • why the use of treats can be detrimental to correct posture and efficacy of the exercise
  • practicing imparting information of hands-on and exercises to attending case study handlers to enhance their dogs balance and flexibility
  • measuring the success of the exercises and hands-on techniques on the dogs balance and flexibility

The students are being given continual feedback to by the tutors during all the sessions of practical application

This course DOES NOT provide the skills to be a canine massage therapist OR AN EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST.

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Registration: Joann Rechtine or 585-905-8281

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